You will discover out like never before at CeBIT 2017 just how digital technology is going to transform the way we do business and the way we live. Capgemini will provide you with real-life success stories of how we have transformed our customers’ digital potential to take them to the forefront of their industry.

Here are a few examples of what we will be showcasing at CeBIT.

Next Generation Building Energy Management Solutions
Capgemini and Siemens Building Technologies have developed  a comprehensive IoT management platform to connect the smart buildings and asset portfolios of large and global customers of Siemens Building Technologies.
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Customer engagement platform and new services for digital cylinder management
For Linde Group, Capgemini has built a customer engagement platform based on Salesforce in less than three months. We will be showing you he mobile application for asset tracking and movement   at our CeBIT booth as well as the customer community and reporting engine.
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Predictive maintenance + quality (PMQ)
How to create the change of product-to-service-oriented business models through flexible and differentiating processes? Our showcases include Predictive Maintenance around a scenario with Real-time Streaming Analytics and Business Process Monitoring in the Automotive and Manufacturing Industry.

Set up your pre-configured, enterprise-ready IoT system
IoT in a Box is a pre-configured, enterprise-enabled IoT bundle for monitoring 25 things in less than 60 minutes.
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Virtual vehicle key for VALEO
A full service platform and mobile app to manage car bookings New car sharing business models require replacement of the physical key in order to reach their full potential. Please click here for more information!

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